The Tea is Hot

Sometime yesterday, my blog, this blog, was blessed with its 1,050th blog follower. Thank you to that follower and all my other followers. Each of you is truly appreciated. I invite you all to spend a bit of time with me today. Feel free to ask others to join us.

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The Tea is Hot

Steaming, sugared
with a spot of honey,
the way tea should be sipped.
I’ve set your cup on the table
near the potted rosemary,
next to an old book
smudged with time,
spotted with drips
of Early Gray and Oolong.
Find a page, a favorite rhyme,
read to me, something about
a fence where ravens cluster
as a jury might, their robes
as dark as night,
a night that looms
above the soft hills.
Still, the sun rises each morrow.



I assume, for you are visiting this blog, that you’re a reader. If so, you’re my kind of people. Anyway, while reading, ever have this happen to ya?

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Reading, as I do,
beneath the old willow,
where the stones,
draped in shadow,
complain about the shade,
apparently, it chills
their crust and skin,
I slipped, tumbled
into sleep
leaving my book
open on my lap
inviting a duo of goblins
to leap from page sixty-seven,
stomping over the lavender
you hoped to harvest
and bunch for the glass vase
near the kitchen window;
perhaps the knight
waiting on page eighty-three,
brandishing a polished blade,
will bound from his page,
putting a stop
to all this ruckus and roar.

I’m Not Much of a Blogger

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…really, I’m not. I started this blog simply as a way to explore my imagination and share what I find. I’m so often lost in wonderful, fantastical worlds. When I return, I enjoy sharing what I discovered. Generally, the vehicle of said discovery is poetry. Hence, this poetry blog. Yet, as of late, having just topped the 1000 followers mark, now 1010, I hope to generate a bit more traffic.

Wish me luck as I step toward a scary, scary beast…technology.

Any ideas? Let me know. Thanks.


I’m three blog followers from 990. In an effort to secure three more followers as soon as possible, I offer you…well, another poem. But it’s a short poem. I promise.

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The tortoise
in the mud,
where August,

still breathing,
births a bit
of warmth,
lifts its head
toward the sun
tucked in September’s
last heights,
shivers as October

begins to creep
over the autumn hills,
sleep is best.


I’m striving to earn 1000 blog followers by… well, as soon as possible. Therefore, here’s a poem dedicated to each of my followers, old, new, and yet to be.

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You, I fail to see
or barely comprehend,
but, perhaps you’ve found me
in these words
on a wrinkled frill of paper,
a scrap abandoned
on a coffee shop table
as you wait for a sudden rain to pass,
wait to venture further into life
leaving me behind.

Me – these words.
They are closer to my heart
that you know,
describing a dragon
oozing from the shadows
cast by a cluster of oak,
a trill of smoke rising
from its throat,
an orange glow,
as it yawns as vigorously
as a cat, too lazy
to douse the nearest hamlet,
just over the hill,
with even a trifling flame.

Or, maybe, this ink
struggles to recapture
the warmth that radiates
from a coffee mug’s belly,
smoothing your palm,
inviting you to shun the rain
with a pastry
and another cup,
hot and steamy,
just like that dragon’s breath.
Just a few sips longer.

Now, we can get to know each other.


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Can one write too much about dragons?



If the ink,
complacent in its well,
is stirred
by a proper quill
then swirled

into a poem
upon a parchment
as soft as breath
then pilfered
from that page

and splayed
atop the earth
where shadows
unfurl as blankets,
a dragon will leap

from that dark,
spread its wings,
as menacing as cold
and know the treasures
of dread and poetry.


I’ve been working on my social media presence: this blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Quite honestly, I don’t know what I’m doing, only that I’m trying. I plan on trying this and that, but if you have any pointers, please comment below!


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Butterflies flutter
as light –

jewel and colors –

when grey mornings
blanket the meadow
as snow.