A bit stressed, and little calms the waters more than a poem. Indulge me?

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I’ll cool

my thoughts
in the shade

that slips
from oak leaf

to oak leaf,

as chocolate,
sweet and silent,

before I dare to consider
one of them.


Into Sleep

Although I’m now an in-house screenwriter for a studio, I still love poetry; therefore, today, I’ll settle into a poem. Here’s a bit of dreams and fantasy.

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Into Sleep

A dragon settles into sleep
as a stone sinks into the mire,
a pond’s bottom, that soft silt

that swallows time,
binding all to silence and peace,
but dragons rise from legend’s loam

as roses from the earth,
each thorn a fang,
each petal a spew of fire.

A Poem Now And Then

This blog was crafted to share my poetry and I once posted a poem almost everyday. Since I’ve been tasked by a movie studio to write a screenplay, most of my writing time is spent in movie mode. Still, I can still write a poem now and then.

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A Poem Now and Then

Just a short one,
a few words
sprinkled on a moment

as sugar on a slice
of buttered toast.
It need not boast,

trumpet the majesties
of death and love,
but only squeak

a silly noise,
a boy blowing a toy bugle,
rousting the world from sleep

in the sunlight,
smeared and creamy,
across his backyard.


I’ve been busy, a good busy, but nonetheless, time has not been my own. Today, I was able to claim a bit just for me.

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Just a moment
to taste

a morning’s air,
a breath sweetened

by the shadows
a sparrow ferries

across the yard,
above a clutch

of dandelions
still burdened

with bulbs of dew,
and know

the next moment
is yours.