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Private Hercules McGraw

In Private Hercules McGraw: Poems of the American Civil War, poem by poem, Private McGraw, each poem’s speaker, shares with us his journey through the landscapes of the American Civil War. McGraw, a Confederate soldier and racist, steps into the War to assure that slavery will exist long enough for him to purchase a slave with hopes to impress his love, Martha. As McGraw treks through the blood and mire, experiencing both triumph and tragedy, he begins to transform into a man of peace and compassion – a man who no longer sees a black man or a white man; he simply sees a man – a fellow, a brother.

Private Hercules McGraw was nominated for a Pushcart Prize


The Journals of Lt. Kendall Everly

The Journals of Lt. Kendall Everly: A Story of the American Civil War is the second book in S. Thomas Summers’ Civil War series. A school teacher and a pacifist, Kendall Everly pits himself against the war, saddened by the fleeting innocence of his students and the purity he feels that innocence personifies. Everly embraces the Union effort and enlists, a noble effort to protect the youth he knows will soon understand the terrible realities of blood and steel. Yet, the war and its horrors envelop him, transforming him into a man he no longer knows or recognizes.

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7 thoughts on “My Books

  1. Hey, Scott, I was just wondering if you had done any experimenting with Amazon’s independent publishing programs. I’ve experimented with their Kindle program and their KDP paperback program as well. They are extremely user-friendly, and although I haven’t seen a rush to buy up everything I write, I’ve had appreciable response. I was just thinking that if you put together a book of your work that isn’t already under contract to other publishers — poetry or prose or both — and offered it through Amazon on your own, that would be another outlet that might open more doors.

    Of course, going that route means we have to do the biggest part of promoting the books as well, but even when we have someone else publish them, we still have to do that too, don’t we? These days unless an author is already a ‘best-selling’ author, publishing houses don’t want to invest a lot in their promotion.

    You may have already looked into these programs and discarded them, but I was just thinking that a collection of your fantasy tales would make a good book to offer from that market.

    (Just another bit of interference in other people’s lives by your local blogging busybody.)

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      1. Absolutely. I’m not an expert yet, but anything I’ve learned, I’ll gladly pass on. You can always contact me by e-mail as well so you don’t have to use your comment windows. I don’t always check the e-mail showing on my profile, but I always stay on top of this one:

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  2. I apologize – I don’t mean to butt in here – but I thought I might add something of possible value. As an editor, I spend a lot of time talking to writers about the pros and cons of indie publishing vs. traditional. I myself don’t really have a bias – I see benefit in both systems. However, I will say, Thomas, that if you already have a reliable publisher that puts your books together, I would think you should stay with that for two reasons: 1) Poetry doesn’t sell as well as prose on Amazon, and a publisher can give you better publicity right off the bat, and see that you make at least a little money off your work. 2) A traditional publisher will save you a lot of headache in terms of formatting the book and doing a cover and blurb, etc. Also, a traditional publisher has access to poetry outlets that you won’t as an individual, where your work can be shown. I guess that in my experience poetry is a very unique beast in terms of marketing. If you’re worth a publisher already, I’d stay with it. The only thing that might sell it independently for you is a big “hook” of some kind. For example, it being a Civil War voice might do that if you market to Civil War fanatics, or a book related to the mysticism and magic of Tolkien’s world might do that. Do you see what I mean? Just some thoughts, hope it’s helpful.

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