New Day

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New Day

It can’t
seize its bearing
until the cat
finds her perch
on the soft chair
beside the window,
her tail swaying
as a rudder
the early hour
toward night.



A poet does not forfeit his ache when hunger is slain or thirst quenched. He, as a shepherd, fathoms the value of time, the way it trickles over stone, a stream that smooths crag and crook. He listens when trees share their stories. He accepts that his voice is just one thread in a cord that reaches before him and behind, far beyond the length of his senses.


Carrie Fisher's personal hand-annotated shooting script from Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back.The working script which Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher used and annotated for her role as Princess Leia in the Empire Strikes Back has emerged for sale.The unique personal script is accompanied by the three leather bound scripts for the Star Wars trilogy that were given to the actors at the end of filming and signed by director George Lucas.Together the four items are tipped to sell for a combined £115,000.The star lot is Fisher's very own Empire Strikes Back script which contains over 1,000 notes written by her to help her act out her role.Auction of Carrie Fisher annotated Star Wars scripts, Los Angeles, USA - Oct 2017The working script which Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher used for her role as Princess Leia in the Empire Strikes Back has emerged for sale. It contains over 1,000 handwritten notes, including tweaks to the script in crucial scenes with Harrison Ford's character Han Solo in the 1980 film. Fisher, who died aged 60 in December last year, revealed in her autobiography that the pair had a steamy romance on the set of 1977's Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope. The Empire Strikes Back script is accompanied by the three leatherbound scores for the Star Wars trilogy that were given to the actress, and signed by director George Lucas. Together, the four items are tipped to sell for £115,000 at auction later this month.

Eighty, I say. My screenplay is now 80 pages long. I predict when finished, it will be approximately 110 to 120 pages long. Thus far, these have been my most ardent challenges.

  • Time!!  I’m remain a full time high school teacher, adjunct college professor, and tutor; therefore, I write when I’m able to mine small moment of time, moments that I cannot plan to find. They  generally present themselves when I do not expect them. When said presentations are made, I need to take advantage of them, AND WRITE!
  • Small revisions often need to large ones. when one drops a pebble in a pond, the ripples that pebble make it the water expand and reach. Revisions do the same. A small change can ripple through the entire story.
  • Self-doubt. All writers, all artists, wrestle with self-doubt. Are my words good enough?!?! Still, this doubt is a blessing as well for it pushes me to work and work…to craft the best screenplay I can.


Screenwriting 101

Image result for old projectorIf you’ve read my last post, you know I am now a screenwriter employed by a movie studio to develop and write screenplays. Currently, I’m working on a script that will transition into production in 2020.

Screenwriting is different than any writing I’ve done before. Yes, I am the primary writer. In fact, I’m the only writer; yet, I’m working with several people as I write. I meet with a team of movie folk to read the script, discuss it, suggest revisions, additions and subtractions. In the past, my writing faced only the contempt and praise of one judge, me. I remain my harshest critic, but my words now need to please others. It’s truly a team effort and being a part of that team is exhilarating.

My script is 60 pages long and growing. I’m loving all of this.

I’m a Screenwriter

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I haven’t posted here in almost a month, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing. Rather, I’ve been writing more than ever.

A movie studio has asked me to be a part of its creative team developing original content for television and the big screen, To that end, I’m currently 50 pages deep into a screenplay that will begin production in 2020, the production of a major motion picture.

For now, this blog, generally a poetry blog, will record my adventures in the movie industry.

Needless to say, I am terribly excited!!


I’ve been busy, a good busy, but nonetheless, time has not been my own. Today, I was able to claim a bit just for me.

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Just a moment
to taste

a morning’s air,
a breath sweetened

by the shadows
a sparrow ferries

across the yard,
above a clutch

of dandelions
still burdened

with bulbs of dew,
and know

the next moment
is yours.