A bit of Alice

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

-Lewis Carroll


Sometimes, I believe the little poems I write to be so trivial that each should be abandoned before they are written; yet, I share another. Sorry.

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Today, I ask for nothing.
I’ve little time for desire.
Someone has baked cookies.
The air is rich with that sugar.
That is enough.


“One day, you will be old enough to start reading fairytales again.”
– CS Lewis

“Courage does not always roar. Valor does not always shine.”
– Tomi Adeyemi

“The sun does not abandon the moon to darkness.”
-Brian A. McBride

“Life is an heirloom. You’ll leave yours to someone whether you mean to or not.”
-S. Thomas Summers

Five Minute Break

This morning, I met the day at 7am. I tended to some family, a dog, a cat, and a bird,  and made some coffee. By 9am, I had written several scenes. Screenplay draft three is well underway. Lord willing, the studio bosses will approve where this story is heading. Now, it’s 11am. I’ve been mulling revisions I’ll make this afternoon, but for now, I need a break. Here’s my break.

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Five Minute Break

It’s enough to consider
the dust swirling

in the sunlight that sweeps
through the window blinds,

stamping the carpet with warmth,
the dust, a million stars

dancing near the books,
quiet, on the shelf,

and silly poems.

Here, Together

Last night I posted an apology. For a week or so, I’ve been absent. My developing screenplay has been dominating my thoughts and times. With it, I need to please more minds than just mine. It’s a challenge, but those other minds have been patient and supportive. Soon, I hope the story I’m crafting will leap onto the big screen. Sooner, still, I’ll write something here. Then, I’m back at it.

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Here, Together

The tea is well spiced,
the biscuits are crisp,
and the air, I see,
has been quietly festooned

with such wonderful thoughts:
feathers and acorns and dandelions.
I’m sure, if we listen,
the trees will share some stories,

something about forgotten heroes,
something that needs remembering.
Really, there’s no need to speak
if we drift in this space between words,

where fairytales thrive,
and the tea is well spiced,
and the biscuits are sweet
and there are stories worth living.