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46 thoughts on “About Me and my Blog

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  2. Hi Scott. You are most welcome to come over to my blog and visit for a while:


    I am a scientist who learned later in life, when it was too late, that my real destiny was to be a writer or journalist. Most likely, I can do something most of your students cannot: write an impromptu, grammatically correct, and internally cohesive essay on any topic. I agree with you. Writing comes as easily to me as breathing. Some of us were just created to do it—I guess.


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  4. platosgroove

    Hey brother. My new buddy Calen the dragonfly lady sent me here. If she says so I will come. Look forward to reading your stuff. I am very new to all of this and am just beginning to venture out into these unknown waters. She has a really nice piece on miracles today.that is well worth reading. She is a good wise soul.


  5. I stumbled across your blog today. I enjoy reading well written poetry along with other blog posts. I grew up in Sussex county so when I read your poem about the maple tree I new you were from the east coast. My father actually had a sugar shanty and boiled down the sap to make maple sugar. I look forward to reading more of your posts.


  6. I am a fellow sojourner… as you. I am also a teacher- 37 years in junior high. I have had a passion for teaching writing for years, but only recently have attempted anything on my own. I have several ideas of historical young adult novels… but I have still yet to light the fire needed to write longer things than flash. I am loving flash for the moment and I host a flash challenge. Looking forward to following your thoughts for a while.


  7. Morning there, S.T.! I’m starting a new feature on Impromptu Promptlings every other week in conjunction with my Friday Favorites poetry feature. Poet’s Corner. Every other week I’ll be featuring a “local poet”. Would you be willing to be my second week? I would love to have a paragraph or two about you and/or your blog (however you want to do it), and a picture to put with it if you’d like that. Then pick out your favorite poem and send it all to me on my Drop Me A Note tab or on the form on the “Sacrifice” post I just did. Let me know by Monday if you’re interested. Thanks!❤

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  8. I understand exactly what you mean when you say you are trying to be nice with everyone. Yes, and I’m a sub with the very same goal, five days a week. A human being valued, one kid, one person, one action at time. Thank you for looking beyond boundaries!

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  9. Hi Thomas! I just accidentally fell into your blog and am absolutely charmed. I am a writer and editor by profession, and as you can imagine I run into a lot of really, really bad poetry. It’s such a joy to read yours – I was inhaling it and it was healing me. I am working on an historical novel set in 7th century Britain (this will be my fifth book, my first historical). Your poems – although I understand you take your inspiration from Tolkien – evoke the feel I’m trying to achieve in the novel. I wonder if you might be interested in contributing some poems to scatter throughout the novel. It will be a long term thing.. I am writing now, and shouldn’t be finished before end of summer with it. If this sounds like something interesting to you, please drop me an email at lichencraig at yahoo dot com. Would love to chat further. Thanks, and again, thank goodness someone is left in the world who can write a decent poem! haha

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  10. Hey Scott
    Gruntlugs brought me to your blog: love it!
    I’m a graphic designer and illustrator, NYC based, and would love to take a crack at illustrating a few spreads of this. If that’s cool with you, please shoot me an e-mail (I have a work-in-progress website that’s got samples of my work.. you should have that info, right? But I don’t want to make it public yet).


  11. I applaud your #1. It’s something that I strive for as well…still working on it.
    Love the title of your blog. Whether people write books or blog posts or within some other form, there are certainly days when a hammer is required. This made me chuckle.

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