Here’s some good advice, if you’re about the business of brandishing steel, as I do most every day.

Image result for forgotten realms sword


She must be wooed, boy.
Her hilt is a hand,
a woman’s hand.
She’s not to be grasped

as you might clutch
a mace or an axe.
She’s to be held
just as you hold a lass’ hand.

Prove your worth, boy,
for that steel will judge you
as woman judges man.
And even if you’re as delicate

as a dove’s coo
or as soft as a lilly’s silk
she still might reject you,
and if she does,

then you lay her down, boy.
Let her choose another.
There ain’t no science to it, no logic.
And no pining over that lost steel.

You find yourself another.
Better yet, let a sword find you.
And then be even softer
than you were before.

It’s the only way
you’ll ever slay a dragon.


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