Messes! We all must deal with them from time time.

Here’s a mess I am more than pleased to deal with.

Have a messy, messy day!!


Sunlight butters
the dark blinds,

from the window’s ledge,
and puddles
behind the sofa

where the cat
will surely lap
that cream.

We’ll need
to clean each whisker,
sticky with morning

and warmth
before the moon’s shine

and makes another
fine mess.


10 thoughts on “Mess

      1. A lot of his paintings were pictures of cats. They were made into puzzles. My favorite painting of his is of a woman holding a letter, looking out the window at a ship harbored in the winter. It’s called “Her Captain’s Wistful Letter.” I couldn’t find a print of it anywhere, so I settled for the puzzle which I glued together and framed for the living room. The puzzle cost me $8.99. The frame cost me $250! LOL I love it!

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