As of late, my son and I have been enjoying several adventure board and card games. Perhaps, in the future, I’ll detail each. For now, allow me to share my excitement. Later today, Lord willing, my boy and I will delve into dungeons and cursed castles.

This is just a bit of fun and levity.

Image result for fantasy old castle painting


for my son

We’ll creep slowly, draped in shadow,
passed the troll scraping moss
off the elm’s furrowed hide
to soften its bed near the bog

that bubbles with rot,
dead turtles and dragon snorts;
to disturb the greasy fiend,
while it’s bent upon its chores,

most certainly would prove foolish
for, in the kitchen, the corn
will soon pop,
butter melts atop the stove,

and our wooden swords
have not been honed in ages.

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