At the Coffee Shoppe

This morning, I met a friend at a local coffee shoppe not two miles from my home, The Daily Bean. The shoppe opened in June. Neither I nor my friend had been there before. I was pleased for the shoppe reminded me of the home of my favorite hobbit, Bilbo Baggins. Its ceiling was low. Indeed, I bumped my head against it. Like a home, there were several rooms to sit in, each with soft chairs and old books. As I left, I snapped a few photos of the shoppe’s property. As you can see…rather nice, yes? Anyway, the experience got me thinking…and writing.

At the Coffee Shoppe

Perhaps tea, if you have it.
The air is laced with shadow and chill.
A steaming cup would strengthen the heart,
comfort old bones with memory,

if you taint it with honey,
enough to recall the sweets of youth:
candy canes and frosted cakes.
And not to bother,

but I’ll take it there,
that chair beneath the tree flecked
with autumn’s first spice.
I’ll sit for a time, hum seconds

to the songs leaves sing as they fall,
strive to conjure a tune of my own.
Yes, indeed – a bit of tea, if you have it.


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