In this Rain

Ever wonder how the cats that roam your neighborhood deal with a wet, cold, rainy day? Well, it’s wet and cold and rainy here in Northern New Jersey and I wondered just that.

Image result for cat wet under rain

In this Rain

The cat will curl
into itself,
under the eaves,
below the tink
and chime

of each drop
against the white gutter,
stuff its thoughts,
mouse and sun
beneath its heart,

the warmest place
it now can claim,
cocoon itself in sleep
until its fur feels
the afternoon heat

sifting through
the trees as breath.


6 thoughts on “In this Rain

      1. Yes, still teaching. I didn’t do a class summer quarter, but I’m beginning to gear up for fall. It’s funny really, when I think about it because I’ve taught in public schools and Christian schools and retired from both — then went back when a new Christian school needed someone to create a journalism and theater department. Since that time, I retired again, and now — at 69 — I’m in full swing teaching mode again. And to think — As a child, I used to say I’d never be a teacher. Go figure …..


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