Packing for an Adventure

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Packing for an Adventure

Mushrooms are essential,
plucked whole from the earth
where shadows are heaped
as thick as winter blankets,
along with a black pan and a vial of oil.

Chanterelles are best sauteed
on a fire sparked as day
bows its head to night.
Pipe-weed, Old Toby
or the Halfling’s Leaf,

wrapped in dry parchment
sealed with red candle wax.
And, certainly, two pipes.
Trolls will often share a puff,
perhaps two, rather than grind

your bones into flour and spice.
A flagon of water touched with honey.
Bread with a crust as thick
as a goblin’s brow.
A dagger able to bury itself

in a nasty or two,
imps and gnomes, as well as slice
and butter breakfast toast.

Two apples, properly shined,
a sturdy walking staff,

and a book with blank pages
so you might record
the poetry you discover.


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