The temperatures here in Northern New Jersey topped 95 degrees this afternoon. I began to ponder the best place to find the best cool. Here’s what I came up with.

Image result for fish sketch images chart


The best cool floats
beneath a lily pad
that harbors a ring of water

never seen by a life,
human or beast,

whose heart beats

above the water,
but rather is nurtured
by eyes that fathom

the vitality of darkness,
the fulfillment of loneliness.



4 thoughts on “Fish

      1. Well at least I’m actually not seeing every key twice now! That double vision was a pain in the keister! It made for a lot of correcting! Finally got my neurologist yesterday and was started on a 90-day treatment with prednizone they hope will put this crap into remission — myasthenia gravis. I appreciated the prayers.

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