A Proper Book

National Poetry Month – Day 2

This one, I believe, well follows the poem I posted yesterday.

Dream a bit today. See what you can see. Wonder. Find what you can find.

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A Proper Book

A proper book, if you knock
on its cover as you would the door
to a friendly house, will hum
like a hive. Its pages will swell

with life and all that ink
will find its place.
Goblins will crowd their caves,
peer from that darkness,

yellow eyes clustered as grapes.
Heroes, with polished swords,
will stand on a forest’s edge,
hearts storming as thunder,

prepared to confront death,
beat it back into shadow.
Witches will stir their bubbling pots
and sprites will harvest sunlight

resting as raindrops on the leaves
of an old oak who remembers
how all stories began,
once upon a time.

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