The Birch Tree’s Shadow: Revision

As trees and shadows grow, so must a poem.

Related image

The Apple Tree’s Shadow

It creeps up
the red brick,
over the window’s sill,

into the house,
sidles across
the kitchen tiles

where I’ve spilled
the wine –
a sweet splotch,

fruit fallen
from a dark tree.


3 thoughts on “The Birch Tree’s Shadow: Revision

  1. GREAT picture for the poem as it seems more “creeping.” As to the other change, hm… It’s nice this way, but I think your first instincts were right. It had more impact. Maybe I just couldn’t decide what the poem wanted to be? Does that make sense? I was caught between the beauty of the tree and the words and the idea of blood. I have a hard time doing light and dark together. Lord knows I don’t handle that well within myself knowing we are light and dark, good and bad at the same time. (Funny, I was just writing about that in Seeker.)


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