Today’s WordPress Daily Prompt is quite meaningful to me. The prompt word is Meaningless.

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I enjoy believing I’m a clever man
for I fathom the importance of goblin sweat,
that tasty brine, how well it enhances,
when spread evenly, like a mint jelly,
the flavor of pork. I am able to care

for a dragon’s smile, cleaning each fang
with brushes I fashion from birch tree trunks
fish spines, and pine needles. I’m well versed
on the trills and chirps of fairy songs,
classifying the pitch and tone of pond sprites,

how they differ from a sparrow’s warble and tweet.
And, dear child, I know the importance of silence.
I comprehend the need to sit near a sleepy stream,
in a dark shade splayed under a tree that expects me
to engage in the meaningless work of wonder.


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