Dinner Plans

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Dinner Plans

Perhaps, tonight, if the hours
allow the calm needed to wonder,
we’ll shake the thick books on the shelf,
Shakespeare’s Complete Works,
Paradise Lost, Homer’s Odyssey,

scatter their letters across our plates,
peppering mashed potatoes,
the green beans, chopped and stacked
like fallen trees, with that best ink:
fallen angels, cyclops, sirens,

despots, tyrants, broken hearts,
fairies, poetry, and omnipotence.
With that nourishment, we’ll see
beyond the copper pipes hidden
beneath the house’s walls

like bones beneath a skin
and spy on shadows abandoning
their forms, weaving themselves
into robes meant to adorn
warlocks and reapers,

noting how day’s final light
glints upon steel brandished
by cavaliers and paladins
burdened with vows to thwart
all darkness, all dread, all death.


4 thoughts on “Dinner Plans

  1. My dad would SO love this poem! He used to stand our green beans up in our mashed potatoes and make a gravy lake in the middle. And if he could, he WOULD HAVE sprinkled the print from books all over them like black soot dribbled from the mouth of a dragon. 😀

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