And I the Dragon

This morning, Facebook, via one of its little games, determined a dragon dwells deep within me, rests with the marrow of my bones. That got me thinking.

And I the Dragon

Today, I’ll covet the beast:
its pestilent breath,
its seething heart.
Today, I’ll spread my arms as wings,

tangle the air with might:
thrust and arc,
whirlwind and thunder.
I’ll free my lungs

of the power that seeps
from earth’s root,
blessing breath
with heat and bitterness,

and from a forest’s deepest shadow,
I’ll shackle men’s courage
with bluster and roar
as old men unfold tales

of foul worms that slink beyond the hills
where night ever pools
beneath the great pines
and dragons dream

of a child’s adventures,
toy swords,
and happily ever afters.


6 thoughts on “And I the Dragon

  1. Okay — even as a literature teacher, I was never much in favor of trying to make a poem say something that it didn’t really say, but here’s what I got out of that piece. The dragon (you) likes to imagine himself as a fierce, fire-filled menace that “shackles men’s courage,” but in truth — when it’s all said and done — the “beast” is really just a Puff-the-magic-dragon kind of guy, dreaming of engaging in toy battles with happy kids. How close am I???? (If I’m way off, don’t spare my feelings. After all, I can’t always be right.)

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