To Any Reader

I’m a blog follower shy of 700. Here’s a thank you to all who already follow this blog, to those who comment and encourage. It’s also an invitation to anyone who enjoys a bit of magic, a bit of adventure, and a bit of poetry.

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To Any Reader

Tis my hope that somehow
you’ll topple,

perhaps over a root stretching
beneath its tree,
swimming through earth
like some hardened eel,
or a vine twisted and curled
into loops and swirls,
a sylvan penmanship
choking the space
between fence posts and mailboxes;

I hope you’ll tumble
into the book tucked beneath your arm,
splash and plummet as a stone into a pond
fringed with tall reeds and wildflowers,
drenching yourself with its poetry:

mountains rising as fangs
against the horizon,
unicorns, as white as lightning,
grazing in bright meadows
tempting you to tame them,

trees with wise faces,
the music of all spells
etched on their leaves,
and the drum of armies,
forces adorned
in sunlight and armor,
a day cursed, graced
with the melody of swords –
the blood of the valiant,
the blood of damned.

Tis my hope that somehow
you’ll fall.


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