Cleaning the Fish

As a child, I was an avid fisherman. Grandpa taught me everything I now know. Here’s a piece based on one of those lessons – a bit of fact and a bit of fiction.

Image result for fish painting

Cleaning the Fish

When I was a boy,
my grandpa said
to first slit the flesh

below the gills
before crunching
the knife’s edge

through the upper neck
so to sever
the creature’s head

from its soul.
It was the kindest way
to bless life with death.


8 thoughts on “Cleaning the Fish

      1. I never acquired a taste much for fish. I’m allergic to shell fish so my folks never had fish around the house in order to err on the side of caution. I have learned to tolerate tuna and halibut, however. We have two lovely, large salmon steaks in the freezer someone at work gave Arn. We’ve just no clue how to fix them. Don’t happen to have a good recipe, do you bac?

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