To Know

Image result for old map and compassI spend a fair amount of time at the Poetry Foundation, a wonderful website giving visitors access to all things poetry. Today, I read an essay by Peter Campion titled Grasshoppers: A Notebook.

I was struck by the essay’s first two sentences. “We are not instinctive creatures. We’re born with no knowledge of the behaviors we require to survive.” Profound? I think so.

Born empty (of knowledge), we, intentionally or not, search for and acquire knowledge as sure as we draw breath. I believe it’s vital to realize that we are all on a treasure hunt, searching for…well, for everything. Walking to the mailbox, we gain knowledge. Listening to change rattle in our pockets and purses, we gain knowledge. Knowing we are ever learning should compel us to learn actively. Know that you are learning. Look, notice, feel, sense, compare deliberately; live deliberately.

Today, survey your environment. How does it impact your being, your self? The coffee stains on the kitchen counter, the puddle in the driveway, the unseen sparrow chirping in its nest…how do they influence you? Discover that and, in many ways, you’ll soon discover all.



The Sensitive Plant by Frank Dicksee, depicts Percy Bysshe Shelley's poem, The Sensitive Plant, 1820. Pencil and watercolour heightened with bodycolour and scratching out on paper; 7 1/2 x 4 7/8"

Coffee splotches blot
the kitchen counter
as freckles

soil fair skin,
a maid, crafted
from porcelain and lace,

strolling a meadow
garnished with wildflowers,
her golden hair pooling

on tender shoulders,
as golden and sweet
as the honey

that drips from my toast,
smears the table
sticky and thick.



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