While You Were Out

Today, while shoveling snow, an activity I strangely enjoy, I noticed one of the shutters on my home was loose, the wind causing it to rattle, just a bit. I’ll tighten those screws soon enough, but from that wind and shutter…

Image result for old house with shutters
While You Were Out

The wind pried the shutters
from the house,
spooking the cat.
She leapt off the ledge

where the sun pools warmest,
knocking the vase,
inviting the roses to slip
from their rest,

to criss and cross
like a quiver of spilt arrows.
Of course, the dog yelped,
anything to hear his gutty thrum,

waking the baby,
exercising her from her dreams:
licorice trees and sparrows
nesting in her hair.

The waters of this afternoon
were never still.


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