A Poem

I’ve discovered why poetry is…better.

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A Poem

Of course, if you drop one,
it flutters towards earth
as an abandoned feather flutters
from a bird’s wing
or a leaf from the tree
that’s relinquished autumn,
anticipating a winter’s nap.

Novels, clunky and lumbering,
plummet as bricks tumble
toward the ground,
bruising, breaking all they whack.

Dramas, twisted complexities,
each a spaghetti mess
of character and stage directions,
tumble as noodles tumble,
ultimately splayed on turf and sod
a tangled, dewy splotch of words.

Perhaps, carry a poem, such as this,
as Dumbo clutched his feather,
as you too will discover
the mysteries of air and flight,
the acumen of all that scouts the horizon.

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