The State of Things

I find the current state of our union (America) almost intolerable. I’m not afflicted by the difference of opinions. I am chagrined to see that many others cannot accept that their opinions are not the only opinions. The existing rancor is contemptible.

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The State of Things

The sugar spilt
on the dark counter,
splayed like stars
across deep night,
tempts me,
with a finger’s touch,
to disrupt
each constellation
and, with a sigh,
begin again.

5 thoughts on “The State of Things

  1. Love this one.. But, I like it ended with the word constellation! How dare I???? I’ve been so crazy busy that I haven’t had time to do much but post my blog and fly, but I have missed reading your poetry. Perhaps I’ll catch up one of these days. Blogs are like the tide. Always a fresh wave.

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