Just Now, at Starbucks

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Today, at a local Starbucks, enjoying a coffee and penning a few words, I was greeted by a graduate of the high school where I teach literature and philosophy. She approached me, smiling, and said, “Wow! You’re Mr. Summers. You drink coffee too. You’re a real person.”

Returning her smile, I said, “Yes, I believe I am.”

I drink coffee; therefore, I am.


8 thoughts on “Just Now, at Starbucks

  1. Glad to hear that you are. And not only that, but you’ve just confirmed that I am, too, as I sip my coffee while dashing this off. 😉

    This reminds me of something another writer reported. Giving a talk at a school one day, one young scholar said, “Wow, a real live writer! Will you still be alive the next time I see you?”

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  2. Hey, I drink coffee AND scribble on napkins. I’ve written more newspaper stories and scenes for novels on napkins than I can count. And I’m not normally a person who sits in a restaurant or coffee shop to write. I much prefer sitting at home totally alone — with silence — to do my creating. However, when the thoughts start rolling, one must do whatever one has to do. It’s just nice to know that I too am a real person and a real writer. Thanks for helping me with my identify. And, hey, what more can one ask from a teacher of philosophy?


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