Today, While Vacuuming

If my last post was a departure for me, this post is a homecoming. Now go, find some dust. It might be worth your while.

Image result for old bookcase still life

Today, While Vacuuming

Reaching for a conglomerate of dust
and dog hair
that had floated, ghostlike,
behind the bookshelves,
I stumbled, slipped

into that darkness
where grime finds its sanctuary,
between the olive wall
and the tall shelves
heavy with stories and fairytales.

There, light is a treasure,
speckling the baseboards,
the wooden floors,
trickled, shimmering
as rainwater falls and glistens

on the red silk of rose petals
and spears of tall grass.
I strolled through its warmth
as children wade through shallow pools,
splashing, laughing,

forgetting, for a moment,
that there is a place
where alarm clocks ring
and responsibility ushers all to worry.


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