A Weekend Home

On Friday afternoon, after a week of teaching both college and high school students, I arrived home a tired, but happy man. It’s now Sunday afternoon, and I haven’t been outside since I stepped through my home’s front door on Friday. I’ve had a peaceful, restful weekend. Here’s what I enjoyed.


Image may contain: cat and indoor
Romeo, one of our cats


  1. Coffee’s dark aroma
  2. Patches of sunlight etching the living room carpet
  3. Imagining the dreams of sleeping cats (we have three)
  4. Poetry
  5. Writing  letters with a new pen
  6. My wife’s smile
  7. The weave of branches seen through the kitchen window whilst I sit in my favorite chair
  8. Hugging my son
  9. Prayer
  10. Sinking into a Mozart clarinet concerto on Sunday morning

5 thoughts on “A Weekend Home

  1. Enjoy the day. There’s enough strife in the world, but then enough blessings if a person takes time to count them.
    (I’ve been reading some very irate, anti-DT posts and comments by some US bloggers, so it’s great that some of you are having a restful day. 🙂 )

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