The Poem is What?

Is this possible? Is it stupid? Probably. Still, I tried.

Can you see? Do you know? Can a poem exist in a poem’s title? Well, it was fun writing.

Image result for Street lamp park

Reading Poetry on a Park Bench
in the Glow of a Streetlamp,
the Moths and Clunky Beetles
Swirling Above Me, In and Out
of Light, of Darkness,
Planets about Their Sun



3 thoughts on “The Poem is What?

  1. Oh heck yes! Perfect picture for the poem. ๐Ÿ˜€ Question for you… Why is it that lately you’ve started some of your posts out sounding like you’re doubting your talent and ability? Is that an impertinent question to ask? Your words are always so well-honed and picturesque that I’m surprised.

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