I Read Somewhere

After my poem of yester eve, this morning, I needed to dwell in a place more likely to make me smile.

Image result for the shire

I Read Somewhere

for JRR Tolkien

I read somewhere
dragons, covered in scales
as red as the fire that harbors their hearts,
horde gold in deep chasms, in the bellies
of mountains dusted with the snow
each peak scrapes from the sky.
I read that the time slain
to sip a cup of hot tea is well slain,
acorns should be planted
near gardens thick
with tomatoes and cucumbers,
that a troll’s will hardens
when flecked with dawn’s warmth,
and that greed grows as dark as ghosts,
horrid and black; it wields steel,
blades laced with immortality and poison,
but can be shattered by children
who tell riddles and dance,
who promise to do their best.


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