The Yankee Game

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The Yankee Game

Angels retreat into alleys
where flecks of streetlight
shimmer on the rain water

resting like gems
on rusted dumpsters
to cry for the kitten

tossed from a 5th floor fire escape
by a bald man in torn slippers
because she tipped a beer bottle

perched on the coffee table
during the third inning.


4 thoughts on “The Yankee Game

  1. I can say I find this disturbing. Though the angels redeem it. It reminds me of something that happened to Drollery’when he was young. One of their kittens jumped up on the table when they were eating and their dad, who was an alcoholic, stabbed it with a steak knife in front of 8 kids and went right on eating. It was quite traumatic for Arn.

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