A Good Poem

Yesterday, I read the following. It got me thinking.

A good poem should be able to lift the reader out of the ordinary and give glimpses of a more illumining reality.

Image result for narnia wardrobe

A Good Poem

A good poem must generate
its own heat, like a dragon
curled in captured shadows,
steam rising from its scales

each time a drop of rain
slips from the sky,
sizzles against its heart,
or a delicate quiche,

wet with melted cheese,
just pulled from the oven,
imbuing the air with heaven’s perfume:
bacon and chopped onions.

Better poems glow as dawn glows,
light spilling through dark letters
as sunlight floods the space
between stout oak trees

and brooding evergreens.
The best poem knits
itself to your skin,
warms it like an old sweater,

lost and worn, found
in a wardrobe’s deepest nook,
your eyes, it seems, the first light
that place, those words, has touched.


11 thoughts on “A Good Poem

  1. Great piece! I especially love the lines “The best poem knits/itself to your skin,/warms it like an old sweater…” Great poems have a way of getting under our skin and touching a part of us that is hard to get to otherwise, and that line really captures that.

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