A quirky poem inspired by a prompt posted on Impromptu Promptlings asking, in part, where I find inspiration. Here’s my silly answer.

Image result for gnomes


A felony of gnomes,
beards and red cheeks,
filch a pluck of hair
from the cat napping
on the soft chair,
sack the cookie jar,
swiping the chocolate chips
loose in each cookie’s sugar,
pierce the milk carton
with blades fashioned
from bobby pins and paper clips,
filling acorn shells
with that cold white
to sup and sip in the dark air
beneath the sofa
where dust cushions
the hard floor,
muffles their
giggling and giggling.


One thought on “Inspiration

  1. LOL! For a second there I thought you were going to write about Snow White’s Seven Dwarfs. Then I realized there were only six and they had pointy hats like Gandalf. 😀 I’m getting my stories all mixed up. This is adorable! 😀 I bet you even had a Teddy Bear cam set up to catch their antics knowing you! 😉


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