It’s Christmas Day!! I pray you are as blessed as I am.

I’m writing with my new laptop. My old device, slowly slipping away (poor fella’) needed to be replaced and my wife was kind enough to realize that; thus here I sit.

Have a happy, happy day.

Image result for sun through a window


all that’s needed
is the sun slipping

through the blinds
anointing each filament
of dust that drifts

between the window
and the soft flowers
sipping water

from their vase
still on the kitchen table,
a temple faithfully guarded

by the salt,
by the pepper.


11 thoughts on “Sometimes

  1. I laughed out loud, and I hope you’re not offended. The beauty is powerful, but the whole concept of the food for the soul guarded by the most basic condiments of physical food was more than my sense of humor could contain. This piece is probably the finest example of poetic juxtaposing I’ve ever seen.
    Merry Christmas!

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