With Christmas approaching, I feel myself drawn to a smidge of magic and a bit of wonder. Well, I’m always drawn to magic and wonder, but Christmas makes each…better.

If I fail to return before Christmas, may the magic and love born on Christmas keep and follow you now and ever.

God bless.

Image result for snowflake


I believe it’s best to harvest
magic before the sun
melts night’s heavy sleep,
it’s best to stand quietly

in a dark space laced
with cold, with snowfall’s silence,
a sound graced
with the harmonies

of small voices nestled
in the nooks and niches
of each white flake,
and frozen splinter of ice

for silence is sound,
a symphony of murmurs
woven as thread
into a blanket of calm,

a hush as hefty as dreams,
as rigid as tears
that taint a child’s cheek
with shine.


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