Fishing the Cove

I grew up in a small, wonderful town – Green Pond, New Jersey. Much of my time was spent in the water and on the water. Here’s a piece born from all the time I spent fishing those waters with my grandfather and friends.

Image result for lake fish

Image result for lake fish

Fishing the Cove

Green Pond, New Jersey

In this stillness, now,
black fish,
muscle and patience,

hover below
the pond’s broad face,
supple fins,

slapping sunlight,
glowing as green fire,
in a darkness,

deep and soft,
I will never comprehend.


via Daily Prompt: Fishing


2 thoughts on “Fishing the Cove

  1. “black fish,
    muscle and patience,”

    Oh, that is lovely. That’s certainly not what I see in the koi pond at our favorite Chinese restaurant. Which is weird because I think they’re really just uppity carp! Yours sound much more intelligent! πŸ˜‰

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