Acorns, Feathers, and Moss

When I was a child, I enjoyed collecting things: stamps, coins, baseball cards, etc. Each collection became a treasure horde of sorts. Here’s a silly piece about collections and treasure.

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Acorns, Feathers, and Moss

As squirrels gather acorns
and sparrows thin twigs,
goblins fashion necklaces
from the teeth that tumble

from their gums
as they scrape and munch
the moss that sprouts
on cold stones.

Trolls pluck feathers
off a black bird’s wings,
the raven, the crow,
to soften the stones

beneath their bridges,
inviting slumber to whisper
its secrets, its songs,
until hunger rumbles

their bellies and night
invites them to hunt,
to slide through shadows
where dragons linger

to snatch the skulls
of hungry trolls
that too long abandoned
their sleep.


via Daily Prompt: Panoply

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