Conquering writer’s block…

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Unable to discover the best word,
to pin it down as a child pins

a tail on a donkey or a romantic
his heart on a sleeve,
I may be compelled to mention

the white birch I see through
the window, its limbs reminding
me of old bones, the tired arms
of men who have long lost

their strength, but refuse
to accept youth’s banishment.
I could call upon grey stones
that rest like turtle shells
along the walk where your roses

unfurl their crimson deep
as sleeping eyes bloom and open
to find morning’s new sun.
Still, perhaps silence is best.
I could allow its soft blanket

to cushion this moment,
look to witness what I’ve never
grasped before: sunlight
looping and waltzing as a leaf
turns and topples

through the morning air,
the insults cats hurl at dogs
before pride gives way to chase
and a small boy watches

his pets dash into the wood
behind his home, just before
he begins to cry.


Inspired, in part, by today’s WordPress Daily Prompt.

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