As the Honey Falls

Image result for honey dripping from a spoon

As the Honey Falls

Honey, as bright
as sunlight, drips
from the spoon,
a string of sugar

reaching for the bread
as patiently as a season
rushes through
an maple’s open arms

smearing spring leaves
with autumn’s golden decline,
as moments and days
spread their heft

on a hungry child’s
tender skin,
filching youth
even as the honey falls.


via Daily Prompt: Anticipation


3 thoughts on “As the Honey Falls

      1. Oh Lordy! Please not the food! We celebrated last night because our son Brandon went before the Staff-Parish Relations Committee at church and was interviewed and unanimously recommended to enter the Local Pastors’ Program. He has to appear before an all-church conference on December 9th (I think) for final approval. By July he could have his own appointment, and the goal is for him to get at least 1/3 of the classes needed for his Master of Divinity degree. I STILL haven’t eaten anything today. Hope I feel better tomorrow! LOL I hope your Thanksgiving is great, too. We’re gathering at my sister’s. My b-i-l has terminal lung cancer, so this could be his last Thanksgiving.


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