On a Square Canvas

Above an antique desk in my living room hangs a painting of four pears. The took a photograph of the painting, but it failed to impress. The painting shared here replaces it nicely.

It is late. Goodnight.

Image result for painting of four pairs fruit

On a Square Canvas

Four pears painted
the hues of sunset
or, perhaps,

autumn’s bloom,
yellow and blush
colors as soft

as a mother’s kiss.
Four pears clustered,
chubby children

pensively quiet,
waiting for treats,
magic tricks,

on the brink.


via Daily Prompt: Lofty


7 thoughts on “On a Square Canvas

  1. I love how delicious and bright this painting looks. Using those colors and the shining to make the painting more bright, it is a cheerful one. Along with the poem to match, I enjoy it! Thank you for sharing with us. If you’d like check out my most recent painting here, caelidotblog.wordpress.com/2017/12/30/the-woman-in-blue/

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