Kafka and Inspiration

Franz Kafta

Here’s a Kafkaesque approach to the creative process: staying up so late that, as you doze at the writing desk, insights slip out of your unconscious. This was, according to a new paper in Lancet Neurology, precisely what Franz Kafka himself employed. As co-author Antonio Perciaccante quotes him in an interview with ResearchGate, sleeplessness allowed the Czech writer a certain insomniac mysticism: “[A]ll I possess are certain powers which, at a depth almost inaccessible at normal conditions, shape themselves into literature,” Kafka is quoted as saying.

In the estimation of Perciaccante and his wife and co-author Alessia Coralli, Kafka was tapping intohypnagogic hallucinations, or vivid visions you get before sleep takes you. (Etymologically, it’s being abducted into sleep.) He captured the experience in his diary, noting that “it was the power of my dreams, shining forth into wakefulness even before I fall asleep, which did not let me sleep.”

So that’s it!! I need to sleep more without sleeping. Or is that be awake more without waking  Actually, I do find this interesting. Kafka looked to the mysterious, a step beyond reality to find what is most very real. I tend to daydream, but maybe it’s time for a nap…an almost nap.

Here are some books authored my Kafka that your should read. Go get them.

The Trial
The Metamorphosis
In the Penal Colony


4 thoughts on “Kafka and Inspiration

  1. They say Author’s who write while intoxicated tap into this, or writers on the sdge of mental illness, but don’t know it until morning. They must think elves from Brothers Grimm sneak in their office at night. Maybe that is why there are mad drunken
    Writers who talk to themselves. The Author and playwright Alan Bennet springs to mind who admits openly to talking to himself as if he is at his desk or in another room. 😇

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