Death Will Come

The thoughts shared here are inspired by a question posed on a wonderful blog, Impromptu Promptlings. The blogstress asks – “Would you like to be immortal?” No, I do not wish for immortality for if I possessed all time, time would abandon all sweetness.

Image result for old hourglass on a desk


Death Will Come

Death will come,
but like a cat,

soft and warm;
she will step gently,

nudge my breath
with her kindness.

I’ll reach to hold her.
Then, I’ll be still.


14 thoughts on “Death Will Come

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  2. I like the image of death as kind and gentle. I’m wondering, like lifelessons, if that will be the reality? I agree that time would lose its sweetness if we had all the time there was. The fact of our finiteness does mean there is some search for meaning and purpose.


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