American Politics – Help!!

This election season has convinced me that I am a poliodigist. What’s a poliodigist? As of today, because I just created the term, a poliodigist is one who loathes politics: the process, the politicians, etc.

This election season has convinced me that those America call leaders should not be leaders. On both sides of the aisle, the Left, the Right, I see corruption, deceit, arrogance, entitlement, immorality, etc. The worst part about the 2016 presidential election? Someone will win. The depths of my disappointment and chagrin is unfathomable.

When surrounded by this disdain, when it becomes palpable, I retreat into poetry, into imagination, into dreams. This piece is written solely as a retreat, as an escape.

Image result for battlefield knight

Beds of Ember and Ash

Small fires dot
the plain.
Like a fog,
light gathers,

a dull glow,
above rusted armor,
swords sheathed
in earth,

above warriors
divined for glory
or death.
Tomorrow, ravens,

black and hungry,
will skip from corpse
to corpse
scarfing scraps

of courage
as thin lines of smoke
rise from dieing
beds of ember and ash.


Wow! Depressing. See what politics does to me.


5 thoughts on “American Politics – Help!!

  1. I hear your pain. There are so many different viewpoints in the US it’s impossible to find someone who can please the majority.
    But take courage. Our Canadian news baron, Conrad Black, says whoever gets elected will likely do a half-decent job of running the US. 🙂


    1. Oh! And I second what you said. I’m very depressed about this. There was a poll that came out yesterday that said 66% of Americans were no longer so proud of their country… What a sad state of affairs.


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