Boundaries and Books

Image result for dictionaryI read an interesting article today about dictionaries. Here’s a snippet.

“THERE is something comforting in a dictionary: right angles, a pleasing heft, reassuringly rigid covers. A new one is tight, a bright sheaf of discoveries yet to be made; an old one is a musty but trusted cozy friend. A good dictionary is the classic school-leaving gift from ambitious parents to their children. A great dictionary might even be passed on through several generations.

But maybe the most reassuring thing about a dictionary is its finite nature. A small dictionary contains all the words you need to know, and a really big one seems to contain all the words in existence. Having one nearby seems to say that the language has boundaries, and reasonable ones at that.”

Quite honestly, I prefer an empty book. An empty book is infinite – no boundaries. It’s yours to fill with…anything. It’s yours to fill with you. Yup, give me an empty book every time.

What’s your favorite type of book?


4 thoughts on “Boundaries and Books

  1. My favourite kind of book is one that takes me on a journey. A book can do that in many ways. It could do it by being a wonderful example of book-making art. It could do it by capturing my imagination. It could do it by informing me of something I didn’t know. Many books do this, one way or another. Sometimes they do it in combinations. I guess for me what makes books favourite is the connection with them – which, in turn, is always going to be an expression of the author, illustrator, and maker of the book.

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