Stories and Songs

This piece is inspired by a post on Plato’s Groove, a blog I visit from time to time. The post is titled, in part, The Truth Will Set You Free. I started thinking about truth and the poem shared below quickly poured out of me.

Image result for gnome painting


Stories and Songs


A gargoyle’s skin
twitches, itches
as the dawn smears
it with warmth,
the moment
flesh wrinkles into stone.


Goblins and imps battle
on the brim’s of shadows
brandishing swords
fashioned from the curved
fangs of cottonmouths
and copperheads.


I sit on tree stumps
beside gnomes
in tall hats
who mingle
among toadstools
as I record
their stories, their songs
on white paper
as soft as fond memories.


5 thoughts on “Stories and Songs

  1. platosgroove

    My reaction. All “Truth” is apprehended or seen through a darkened mirror. Metaphor taken literally prophanes truth when even my sense of Self is at best metaphorical. I see my own darkness in others making weapons from my fear as i seek to rid myself of the evil that lives in me. Loved the imagery and the message brother! If I came close to intent.


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