In my poetry, dragons often represent my love for the unseen, the mystery of magic, and innocence, and dreams. Poetry is a way for me to make all of that wonderful stuff tangible.

Image result for tree dragon


Today, I see you
beneath a canopy
of evergreens,

your wings spread wide
among the needled limbs
blending your shadow

with the shade gathered
like a pool about the dour trees.
And your great eye

follows me, as red as the fire
that smolders in your heart,
tracking my steps

as I creep closer, closer
until, like a storm,
you thrust yourself

into heaven, joyously
cleaving the air
with flame and fang,

to hide again, to bathe
yourself in silence, in shadow
until, again, I edge close, so close.


3 thoughts on “Dragon

  1. Like this one!!! Have you ever thought of making a storyboard of pictures you love, putting them in some kind of order so they “roughly” tell a story, then writing that story using them as inspiration and illustrations? Would end up being a long poem like your books maybe?


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