My Daughter’s Prince

A dad can wish the best for his little girl…

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My Daughter’s Prince

…and the frog hopped into the room,
and then straight on – tap, tap – plash, plash –
from the bottom of the room to the top,
till he came up close to the table where the princess sat.

He’ll appreciate the heft of warts,
the benefits of a lilypad
able to bear that weight,

and the time required to sit,
squat beneath the arching heights
of tall grass where shadows

and sunlight braid together
weaving baskets of warmth and cold.
He’ll be satisfied with stillness,

the bitter taste of dragonflies,
and appreciate a flower’s perfume,
a thrush’s quiet song.

Sunets will ease his heart
that, of course, will belong
to my daughter.



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