Last Night’s Snack

This piece was written over the course of two days. It began last night and found its end this morning. Hopefully, the mundae is spiced with a bit of magic. Take a look. What do you think? Ever find your self in a moment, a trivial moment, a moment that, to you, is heavy with importace, an importance that deserves note.

Last Night’s Snack
The scent of bread
and old books,
fresh coffee grounds
kept in a dented can

on a shelf
lined with strips
of paper colored
with purple flowers.

Dust floats in sunlight
beaming through the window
as if heaven existed
just outside,

dust floating as stars float,
as planets and angels
through a galaxy
that only endures

as I now stand quietly
in the kitchen,
the white tile stained
with two splotches

of ketchup,
cursted now,
as dry blood might crust,
my blood, if last night,

I had clashed with dragons
rather than made a sandwhich.


4 thoughts on “Last Night’s Snack

  1. platosgroove

    There is magic in the mundane brother and wonder everywhere one looks if the eyes can see it. Thank you for your sight. Seemed like a western Tea Ceremony. We so many times try to conjure magic as though we were not already swimming in it. Very nice!


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