Winter Hive

Wasps: “Both species are almost identical to look at. All worker wasps die out during thewinter; the only wasps that survive are the queen wasps. Queen wasps hibernate during the winter inside the old nest or construct a small “golf ball” sized hibernation cell.”

I need to let this one cook for a bit, but I like it as a first step.

Image result for wasp hive in a tree

Winter Hive

The cold
its lullaby,

its voice,
like rising water,
swallows the nest

from the oak limb,
a heart

that once thunked
and hummed,
dilligence and pain,

now still,
a thousand lives

into sleep
and death.


2 thoughts on “Winter Hive

  1. I can connect with this because of the trouble we had with wasps this spring. We learned a lot about them from the exterminator guy. They had built nests all up through our eaves. Probably had been there for years due to the complexity of them, he said. (Though he never honestly said whether they were wasps or hornets.) So while I think the poem is spot on, I still hate ’em! LOL Nest looks like an alien crawled up in there and died!


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