National Book Lovers Day

This morning, I discoveverd it’s National Book Lovers Day. Wonderful. To commemorate the day, and my love of books and words, guess what I did. I wrote a poem.

Wallpapers Flowers And Books Bottle In Basket Reading Hd   1024x768

While Some Might Argue

I believe it’s best
to let a book’s words
spill from its pages
as they’re read,

flow like colored waters,
pooling on the ground
where stones nap
and earth churns

into a mud one can squish
his fingers through,
smearing each word
upon his skin, a new armor

wealthy with the horrible
majesty of dragons,
the deep thunder
of goblin drums,

and the soft flight of sprites,
their wings batting,
splatting against
the morning sun,

splashing light
on every golden columbine,
every stalk of lavender.


5 thoughts on “National Book Lovers Day

  1. Terrific imagery. And I didn’t know it was National Book Lovers Day. I’ll have to do something bookish — maybe write another chapter in the novel I’m currently working on. Thanks for the heads up.


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