Little Things

In part, this is a true account.

Image result for moth painting

A Moth

It has slipped, like a whisper,
through the open window,
waltzed about the room,

knitting its flight to the air
above the squat candles,
the open book rich with memory:

treasured acorns hoarded in paper bags,
lullabies hemmed to the breath
of sleeping children.

It will find its peace
on the white curtain
or on a tulip stem

resting in its vase
where its wings will flutter,
spark like a drop of rain

against a cold stone,
and I fill my lungs
with morning’s quiet.

#poetry #amwriting #home


6 thoughts on “Little Things

  1. A moth slipped into the motorhome,
    it’s hairy brown and grey wings
    fluttered next to my face
    The vehicle swerved and stuttered
    Then my screams took the place
    Of sunny days and holiday dreams.

    Yours is happier and your moth more exquisite. Thank you for sharing and sorry for hijacking such eloquent beauty with mine. 😇

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