I Tend to Believe

I’m a member of a Facebook group dedicated to exploring and investigating JRR Tolkien’s creation, Middle Earth, and the novels/books ( The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, etc.) in which we can gain access to his creation. Today, said group is celebrating Smaug, the dragon living under The Lonely Mountain in The Hobbit. So today, I thought, why not write a piece about a dragon. I’m to write that piece now. Let’s see where today’s dragon takes me.

Forest Dragon by yonaz

 I Tend to Believe

I tend to believe,
and thus my days
are burdened or blessed,
I’ll leave the distinction
to your own way of thinking,
that not all hills are hills,
that many green knolls,

twisted and tangled
with thickets of rose,
hawthorn, or thornapple,
snarled and wicked,
are the backs of dragons
napping within the shade
cast by oaks and elms

whose roots seek the warmth
that pulses from a dragon’s heart;
therefore, I step quietly
where the ground rises,
listening for the breath
of a tired beast,
hoping to detect

the smooth, easy expanse
of its lungs, and recline
on the soft moss that often
spreads upon immortality.



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